Warrior Event Christmas Party Annapolis, MD December 14, 2023

Gold Star Mothers – Maryland Chapter was invited to the Warrior Events Christmas Party held at The Atreeum at Soaring Timbers.  Gold Star Moms Basmattie Bishundat,  Janice Chance, Paula Davis, Joy Goode, Theresa Karlson, Khadidja Keita, Elsheba Khan, Donna Robinson, Stephanie White, and Gold Star Dads, Charlton Chance, Greg Goode, Zoom Keita and Families attended the Warrior Events Christmas Party.  Many thanks to Warrior Events, Bob Saunders, John O’Leary, and Paige Havens for organizing and inviting the Gold Star Mothers Maryland Chapter to this wonderful event.  Gold Star Families and their guests were treated to a wonderful, delicious meal provided by Ken’s Creative Kitchen and were also treated to entertainment with music.  Additionally, Gold Star Moms received a surprise gift.  The Moms received a beautiful and priceless sun catcher ornament which was handmade, and each one was made differently.  It is truly a treasure and will be cherished. Some of the Gold Star Moms recorded and presented a brief video on Warrior Events and John O’Leary and how he has impacted our lives.  We had a wonderful, amazing evening!


Thank you to Warrior Events for ALWAYS looking out for and taking care of our Gold Star Families. It was truly a memorable event for which we are grateful. On behalf of the Gold Star Mothers and family members who attended, we would like to thank each individual who contributed to making this a truly special evening.  We enjoyed this special event and look forward to working and volunteering with Warrior Events on future service projects.