Month of the Military Child “Read to Me Day” Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland April 17, 2024

Mr. Michael Farlow, Survivor Outreach Services Coordinator at Aberdeen Proving Ground. (APG), invited and arranged for Gold Star Survivors to participate in the Month of the Military Child “Read to Me Day” festivities at Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Janice Chance and Donna Robinson represented the MD Chapter at the APG North Child Development Center.  Janice read to two combined groups of children four and five years of age.  The children selected the books that were read.  They were written by Todd Parr: “The Spring book” and “The Thankful Book.” The children were energetic and highly participatory.  Donna Robinson and Janice also seized the opportunity to interact with the children of our Heroes and civilians who work at APG.  The “little Angels” and the staff expressed their appreciation verbally. The children also demonstrated their appreciation to Donna and Janice by doing the “Wiggle Dance” to a YouTube video. Janice and the staff joined them. There was much laughter, many smiles and excitement in the room.  Gold Star moms consider It an honor to be able to serve and support military families, especially the children.  It was an Unforgettable Day! The moms were invited back to read to the children. They are looking forward to spending time again with the little Angels”!