Blue Star Families Welcome Home “Stronger Together” Downs Park Pasadena, MD September 30, 2023

Mrs. Yolanda Rayford, Chapter Director Baltimore/Chesapeake Region Blue Star Families invited Gold Star Mothers Maryland Chapter moms to volunteer at their Welcome Home – Stronger Together event.  Many volunteers, and several elected officials, including the First Lady, State of Maryland, Mrs. Dawn Moore, Secretary Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Woods, and CEO Blue Star Families Kathy Roth-Douquet.  It was a day to express thanks in tangible ways and demonstrate that together individuals can make a difference in the lives of our Heroes and their families. Our military families need to know that their selfless service and sacrifice is appreciated. It was a special day filled with education, a magic show, giveaways, fellowship, food and fun!

The following moms represented the MD Chapter: Janice Chance, Paula Davis and Donna Robinson.  In addition to volunteering, the MD Chapter donated $1,500 to the event. They also had the pleasure and honor of thanking and interacting with the families throughout the event. The moms were able to fulfill their mission simply put “HONOR THROUGH SERVICE”.  Thanks to Yolanda Rayford Director of Blue Star Families of Baltimore and Chesapeake Region and the Volunteers for putting on an amazing event!