Travis Manion Foundation Back To School Events Meade Village Boys& Girls Club Severn, Maryland August 5, 2022 (Event 2 ) Annapolis Boys & Girls Club Annapolis, Maryland August 5,2022

Mr. Michael Desmond, Senior Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region, Travis Manion Foundation, and Douglas Keel, TMF Ambassador invited MD Chapter Gold Star moms to participate in two of their August 2022 “Back To School” events.  Michael, Douglas and Ms. Grace Shike, TMF Ambassador coordinated the program and led the activities.  The morning event was held at the Meade Boys & Girls Club Meade Village located in Severn Maryland. The moms assisted with distributing boxed breakfast meals, assisted with activities and distributed book bags filled with school supplies.

The afternoon event was held at The Boys and Girls Club at Wiley Bates Heritage Park in Annapolis. The moms helped with serving lunch, assisted with the activities and the distribution of back packs. The following moms participated at both events: Janice Chance, Paula Davis, Basmattie Bishundat, Stephanie White, Gloria Crothers, Khadidja Keita and her daughter Sarah. The moms are looking forward to participating at some of the other upcoming scheduled events.