Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET) Annual Holiday Dinner Baltimore, Maryland December 19, 2022

Maryland Chapter Gold Star Moms were invited by the MCVET Leadership team once again to serve as volunteers at their annual MCVET’s Holiday dinner. Janice Chance and Donna Represented the Maryland Chapter.  The moms served alongside the MCVET staff, Exelon Militaries Actively Connected (EMAC)BGE employees and a few of their family members.   They had a special theme this year for their dinner “WINTER WONDERLAND”.  The dining hall was beautifully decorated. The veterans dressed for the occasion and seized the opportunity to take pictures in front of a winter wonderland decorated area.

The event started off with welcome and thank you remarks from Mr. Abubulia Buford, Interim MCVET Director.  His remarks included words of encouragement to the residents and gave special thanks to the MCVET Staff, former MCVET program graduates and supporters.  One of the former MCVET graduates is currently serving on the MCVET board.  He gave a heartwarming message of encouragement and congratulations to his fellow veterans for their commitment to completing the program.   The residents received a variety of gifts from the Volunteer Service Organizations that were in attendance. During the month of November and early December, The Maryland Chapter donated winter attire: 11 men’s coats, 10 women’s coats, and 26 thermal sets of undergarments.

After dinner the residents played a “Guess What staff “game that resulted in much laughter. The volunteers and other guests were given the honor to eat and fellowship with the residents and other guests. The annual MCVET event brings much joy, not only to the residents but also to the staff, family members of the residents, and of course to the Gold Star Moms. During the holiday season it is a blessing to see our heroes smile after being showered with love.  The Maryland Chapter members are committed to supporting them as they continue to work toward their goal of completing the program that will enable them to transition back into their community as productive citizens.